Marie Osmond Dresses As Gwen Stefani & Lip Syncs On Halloween Episode Of ‘The Talk’

Marie Osmond Dresses As Gwen Stefani & Lip Syncs On Halloween Episode Of ‘The Talk’ | Classic Country Music Videos

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Earlier this year, Donny and Marie Osmond announced they would be ending their longtime residency in Las Vegas. Their final show is scheduled for November 16.

But even though their residency is coming to an end, both performers are going to keep themselves busy. In Marie’s case, she signed on to become a new host on The Talk.


Marie joined the show in September, which means she didn’t have long to prepare for an annual Talk tradition that takes place in October!

Every year, The Talk hosts celebrate Halloween by dressing up as music stars. They then deliver elaborate lip sync performances to those singers’ famous songs.

Whoever pulls off the best performance is crowned the winner of “Rocktober.”

Marie went all-out for her first Rocktober performance. She knew exactly who she wanted to be after meeting with another Vegas singer behind the scenes of one of her recent shows.

That singer was none other than Gwen Stefani.

During her Christmas special in 2017, Gwen mentioned that she had always wanted to be Marie. So when Marie met Gwen in Vegas, she let her know the feeling was mutual.

And I told her, ‘Gwen, you said you wanted to be me. Well, I want to be you,” Marie recalled.

So Marie transformed into Gwen circa 2006 to lip sync to her solo hit, “Sweet Escape.” She nailed Gwen’s signature look, from the red lips to the curled bangs.

Marie shared a tease of what her costume looked like on Instagram before the Rocktober episode aired.

Marie’s “Sweet Escape” lip sync was two minutes long. Her performance was quite spectacular, as it featured an elaborate set and backup dancers.

Gwen got the chance to see the performance before it aired, and sent in her response through a video message The Talk played during the episode.

Clearly impressed with Marie’s performance, Gwen said, “Literally can’t believe you did that. I am so honored.”

Even though there was no doubt that Marie delivered an outstanding performance, she still didn’t win Rocktober. That honor went to Sheryl Underwood, who dressed and performed as Barry White.

But Marie is still a winner in our hearts! You can catch her “Sweet Escape” lip sync in the video below. Once you see it, you’ll understand why Gwen was so honored by her performance!

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