John Schneider’s Elvis Dance Saves Him From ‘DWTS’ Elimination

John Schneider’s Elvis Dance Saves Him From ‘DWTS’ Elimination | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Dukes of Hazzard fans have come out in strong force!

For the past two weeks, a star of the beloved sitcom has competed on Dancing With The Stars. Despite placing in the middle of the pack for the first two dances and receiving positive comments from all three judges, Bo Duke – we mean John Schneider – was up for elimination against blind Paralympic skier Danelle Umstead in Week Two.

Ultimately, he was saved thanks to the viewers’ votes and will competing again next week.

Before the dramatic elimination on Tuesday night (Oct 2), each celebrity performed another dance, this time in tune with the “Vegas Night” theme. Schneider and his professional partner, Emma Slater, did a Jive to Elvis Presley‘s “King Creole (Viva Mix)” that had a wild backstory!

Schneider and Slater each played Elvis impersonators who run into each other and have an “Elvis-Off,” but then they encounter two other impersonators and join forces to take them down.

The actor and singer is actually a huge Elvis fan, so this week was incredibly special for him. During his pre-performance package, he revealed to Slater just how close of a connection he has to The King.

“I actually have an album at Graceland because I did a song in 1980 ‘It’s Now or Never,’ which was an Elvis cover [version], and I still have the top-charting Elvis cover of all time,” he said.

After his performance, he caught up with Fox News and told them, “I’ve always loved Elvis. I remember I was standing in line for ‘Live and Let Die,’ the James Bond film when I heard Elvis had passed. I didn’t believe it, and as of tonight, I still don’t believe it. I think Elvis is still in the building.

We’re so glad this performance was enough to keep Schneider around. We really enjoy watching him dance! Watch his full Jive to the Elvis hit in the video below.

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