John Prine’s Wife Shares Update – He “Needs Our Prayers And Love”

John Prine’s Wife Shares Update – He “Needs Our Prayers And Love” | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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On Sunday (March 29), the family of John Prine shared that the legendary country singer-songwriter had been diagnosed with COVID-19 (coronavirus). His wife, Fiona, previously tested positive for the virus and shared her diagnosis on March 17.

John was also tested for the virus, but his initial test came back “indeterminate.” Just to be safe, he and Fiona isolated themselves from each other while she recovered.

Despite their best efforts to keep John safe, he developed  “a sudden onset of COVID-19 symptoms,” as the family’s statement posted to his social media accounts read.

After being hospitalized on Thursday (March 26), John was intubated Saturday night (March 28). When his family released their statement about his diagnosis, his situation was described as “critical.”

The news of John’s condition came just hours after it was announced that country artist Joe Diffie passed away due to complications from COVID-19. 

Prayers from John’s fans and fellow artists came pouring in, as all hoped the 73-year-old country legend would be able to pull through. In addition to being older, John battled cancer in 1998 and again in 2003, placing him at even greater risk.

On Monday (March 30), Fiona jumped on Twitter to update fans on her husband’s condition. In her initial tweet, it seemed like she had good news to share, as she said she had recovered from COVID-19 and described John’s condition as now being stable.

We are humbled by the outpouring of love for me and John and our precious family. He is stabile [sic],” she wrote.

However, Fiona clarified her statement a few hours later, saying that just because John is “stable” doesn’t mean he’s “improving.”

There is no cure for Covid-19,” she wrote. “He needs our prayers and love – as do the thousands of others who are critically ill.”

You can read Fiona’s full statement below.

We’ll continue to pray for John’s quick and complete recovery, and send our love and prayers to Fiona as well.

It’s clear that John’s music has influenced many. Country singers, actors, and everyday people all picked up instruments and sang his songs after learning about his diagnosis.

Two people who paid tribute to John were Footloose star Kevin Bacon and his wife and actress Kyra Sedgwick. Watch their performance in his honor below.

Stay strong John…

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