John Prine’s Wife Says He Is Still “Very Ill,” Has Been In ICU For Over A Week

John Prine’s Wife Says He Is Still “Very Ill,” Has Been In ICU For Over A Week | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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On March 29, John Prine‘s family released a statement to announce that the 73-year-old country singer-songwriter had tested positive for COVID-19. His wife, Fiona, previously shared on March 17 that she had tested positive for the virus.

At the time, John’s test came back as “indeterminate.”

Fiona and John immediately isolated themselves from each other, but he still came down with the virus. According to his family’s statement, he was hospitalized on March 26 and intubated on March 28.

When the family announced Prine’s diagnosis, his situation was being described as “critical.”

A day later (March 30), Fiona took to Twitter to share an update on John. She originally wrote that he was stable and thanked everyone for “the outpouring of love” they sent to her and John.

Please continue to send your amazing Love and prayers. Sing his songs. Stay home and wash hands. John loves you. I love you,” Fiona wrote.

She also shared that she has since recovered from COVID-19.

But a few hours later, Fiona wanted to clarify what she meant when she said John was “stable.”

I need to clarify what I mean by ‘John is stable,'” she wrote. “That is not the same as improving.”

Fiona mentioned how there is no cure for COVID-19. So all doctors can do is treat John’s symptoms and help keep him comfortable.

He needs our prayers and love – as do the thousands of others who are critically ill,” she continued.

After a few days with no news on John, fans started to grow concerned. Finally, Fiona took to social media on Thursday (April 2) to share an update on her husband’s condition.

At the time of her posting, Fiona said John had been in the ICU for eight days. She said “He is very ill” and confirmed he has been on a ventilator since Saturday (March 28).

She went into further detail about his condition:

He still needs quite a bit of help with his breathing. Like many patients currently in ICU beds all around the world, John has pneumonia in both lungs. He has also developed some peripheral issues that are being treated with meds, including antibiotics.”

Fiona says she can’t be with John at this time, which makes things all the more difficult for her. Still, she’s trying to be optimistic about his chances.

…yet I remain hopeful that he can continue to fight this devastating virus and come home where we can care for him,” she wrote.

You can read Fiona’s latest update on John’s condition below.

We’ll continue to keep John in our prayers, and wish him a quick and complete recovery. Fiona remains in our prayers as well.

Show some respect to John by watching one of his past performances in the video below. He’s a true treasure to country music, and we don’t know what we’d do without him.

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