Indy Feek Gets Piggyback Ride From Big Sister Heidi

Indy Feek Gets Piggyback Ride From Big Sister Heidi | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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Indy Feek has grown up before our eyes. Joey + Rory‘s little girl is now a six-year-old!

Our little Indy turned 6 years old today and she is SOOO excited. So are we. Happy birthday little one. You are a precious gift to us all,” Rory wrote on Instagram next to a photo of Indy holding up six fingers on her birthday in February.

Just a day later, Indy lost her first baby tooth. What a way to celebrate turning six!

One day after her 6th birthday, Indy had a wiggly front tooth and a pretty smile. Yesterday, after lunch, she had less teeth and even prettier smile,” Rory said next to a slideshow of two pictures.

The first photo shows Indy before she lost her tooth, and the second one showcases her new grin after the tooth fell out.

Fans got the chance to see Indy’s gappy grin even more when she posed for a couple of pictures with her big sisters Hopie and Heidi in June. The sisters finally got the chance to reunite after being apart for some time…which could explain why they were all so smiley!

…hello. We missed you. #sistertime,” Rory captioned the photos of his girls.

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…hello. We missed you. #sistertime

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Indy loves spending time with her big sisters, and they cherish every second they spend with her!

It looks like Heidi and Indy recently got the chance to enjoy a sunny summer day together, and got a picture to remember it.

The sweet snapshot shows Heidi hoisting her little sister onto her bag for a piggyback ride. Indy, with her arms wrapped around Heidi’s neck, can be seen flashing a huge smile at the camera.

Of course, Heidi was smiling just as big! She captioned the photo “bbsix,” which is a play on her usual nickname for Indy, “bbsis.” We assume she exchanged the “sis” for “six” to refer to the fact that Indy is now six years old!

You can see the adorable picture of Indy getting a piggyback ride from Heidi below.

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In May 2019, Rory published a video on YouTube titled “Growing ‘Indy’ in the garden.” The clip featured flashbacks to 2016, which was the first year Rory planted the family garden after Joey’s passing.

The flashbacks were meant to show how much Indy had grown from 2016-2019. Now when you look back on the video below, you’ll see how much she’s grown from the spring of 2019 to today!

Indy is such a ray of sunshine, and always has been!

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