George Strait Sends Flowers To John Prine’s Widow, She Thanks Him For Being “So Kind”

George Strait Sends Flowers To John Prine’s Widow, She Thanks Him For Being “So Kind” | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

Fiona Prine / Instagram

The legendary singer-songwriter John Prine passed away on April 7 due to complications associated with COVID-19. He was 73 years old.

As a respected artist and songwriter, John developed strong connections with dozens of country artists. After his passing, those artists flocked to social media to pay tribute to the man they admired for so long.

Some of the most emotional tributes came from John’s widow, Fiona. The couple first met and fell in love on November 28, 1988.

Following John’s passing, Fiona wrote, “John will be so missed but he will continue to comfort us with his words and music and the gifts of kindness, humor and love he left for all of us to share.

Fiona has remained active on social media after John’s death, and has been sharing her memories of him with her followers.

When Tennessee got a bit of snow on Tuesday (April 14), Fiona wrote about how John loved snow and Christmas. 

Now, we all know that John loved Christmas,” she said. “It was always a perfect season for him but if it snowed… well, we had a full on celebration on our hands. John kept a white Christmas tree lit year round. If it snowed in December, in April or November he felt seen and heard and loved. So it snowed today- one week since he left us to figure out how to be happy on our own.”–5Lu-Bnxe/

Even though it looked a little like a winter wonderland outdoors, inside Fiona was surrounded by the colors of spring.

On her Instagram Story, Fiona went around the house and filmed some flowers sent to her following John’s passing. She tagged the people who sent her each bouquet and thanked them for thinking of her.

At one point, Fiona came to a beautiful bouquet full of greenery and peach, orange, and pink flowers. It turns out this bouquet came from George Strait, who recorded a song Prine co-wrote. That song was “I Just Want to Dance with You.”

Fiona played the song while she showcased the stunning bouquet George sent to her, and wrote, “Thank you, so kind.”

Fiona Prine / Instagram

“I Just Want to Dance with You” became George’s 34th number one hit on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart following its release in 1998. There’s no doubt that he has been forever grateful to John for writing such a meaningful piece of his catalog.

Tune in to the video below to hear John himself sing “I Just Want to Dance with You.” His recording was featured on his 1986 album German Afternoons.

John may be gone, but he will live on through the music he left behind. Still, we miss him dearly.

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