Garth Brooks Makes Confession To Crowd…Then Starts Singing George Strait Hit

Garth Brooks Makes Confession To Crowd…Then Starts Singing George Strait Hit | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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A George Strait Classic That Never Hit #1

When it comes to Texas celebrities, George Strait is definitely one of the most well-known. So you can say that “The King of Country Music” is pretty well-loved in his home state.

But Strait wouldn’t be the legend he is today if it wasn’t for nationwide support. His fan base is immense, which is the reason why he has managed to score 60 number one hits.

Even singles that never hit number one for Strait have gone on to become some of his most well-known tracks. One such track is “The Fireman,” which he released in 1985.

“The Fireman” reached the fifth spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart following its release. Today, it remains a fan-favorite song and is frequently included in Strait’s sets.

Since “The Fireman” is so popular with Strait’s fans, it’s a go-to song for other artists to cover. So when Garth Brooks had a gig in Strait’s home state of Texas, that was the song he picked to sing.

Want To Hear Garth’s Take?

Brooks was given the honor of performing after the first round of the Super Series I Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Over 75,000 people crammed in to watch Brooks perform on the new RodeoHouston stage, and he gave them quite a show.

According to the Houston Chronicle, before he sang “The Fireman,” Brooks confessed to the crowd that he felt nervous. We can understand why. There’s always a lot of pressure on artists who cover Strait’s songs, especially if they choose to sing them in Texas.

Of course, Brooks did a stellar job singing “The Fireman.” His animated performance was zippy and entertaining, and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed it.

You too can enjoy part of Brooks’ performance of “The Fireman” when you watch him sing it in the clip below. Even with the bad audio and the short clip, you can still get a full picture of just how lively Brooks’ performance was.

Now this is how you cover a George Strait song!

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