Dolly Gets Offended When Called “Queen Of Country”

Dolly Gets Offended When Called “Queen Of Country” | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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One of the most legendary voices in country music has been called a variety of names, but there is one in particular that she is not a fan of.

Dolly Parton has been singing and writing music for the majority of her life. Throughout her time on stage and on the radio, many folks have referred to her as a leader in country music. Even some call her “The First Lady” or other such titles…but she says there’s one specific name that truly offends her.

Speaking with Nightline in a new tell-all interview, Dolly gives the details on this great offense, explaining why it bothers her so much and how she doesn’t feel it fits.

Reporter David Wright said that often people view her as “The Queen” of country music because of her massive success and lengthy career.

“Well, I’m not the queen though,” she said with a smile. “The queen of country music Kitty Wells. And then there are the others like Loretta and Tammy.”

But, what is it that offends her about being called “The Queen of Country Music”?

“I’ll take whatever title they want to give me,” Dolly added. “Sometimes they call me the queen of country music and I take offense to that because that’s not fair to the ones that had that title before. I don’t know what I am…but I’m still at it – I’m still grateful I’m still here.”

Dolly continued to expand on her feelings about being able to live out the life she’s had and how that’s been a wonderful blessing for her.

What do you think about her statement? Should she be offended to be called “The Queen of Country Music”? Let us know!

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