An Inside Look At Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

An Inside Look At Loretta Lynn’s Ranch | Classic Country Music | Legendary Stories and Songs Videos

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For many years, country music fans have been able to travel to Hurricane Mills, Tennessee to visit Loretta Lynn’s ranch.

Not only can you visit the museum there as well as a few different shops, you can also stay in a cabin or on the campground. Because COVID-19 has pretty much shut down all non-essential businesses, the ranch also had to make some changes.

As of an announcement on May 5, cabins and campgrounds were still available to stay at, because it is easy to isolate and social distance there. The Old Store and Country Store will be opening soon, as well as the museum. They will, of course, be at a limited capacity and will be adhering to all guidelines set by the state.

All the events for May have been cancelled and June events remain an unknown at this point.

Because not everyone will be able to enjoy the ranch this summer, we decided to make sure everyone gets a personal – and virtual – tour of it!

The video below is a 5+ minute slideshow of Loretta Lynn’s ranch, which features a full service campground, event center, a replica of Lynn’s childhood home, cabins, a cemetery, and so much more.

Located at 8000 Hwy 13 South, Hurricane Mills, Tennessee – which is just an hour west of Nashville – Lynn’s ranch is considered one of Tennessee’s top tourist attractions, and thanks to this video tour, we can feel like we are there! Take a look at it below.

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