Hear Vince Gill Sing About Being ‘Lost In A World Without Haggard’ In Tear-Jerking Tribute

Hear Vince Gill Sing About Being ‘Lost In A World Without Haggard’ In Tear-Jerking Tribute | Classic Country Music Videos

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If anyone knows how to write a sad song, it’s Vince Gill. After all, he penned one of the most emotional songs in all of country music, his 1995 single “Go Rest High on that Mountain.”

Gill poured his heart into “Go Rest High,” which was written in tribute to two influential figures in his life. The first was country legend Keith Whitley, whose death prompted Gill to pick up the pen and start writing the song. But it wasn’t until his brother, Bob Gill, passed away in 1993 that Gill finished writing the song.


Now, Gill has written a new tribute in honor of another one of his greatest role models…Merle Haggard.

When Haggard passed away, Gill was devastated. Following the news of Haggard’s death, Gill shared a candid photo of the two of them, writing that Haggard was his “greatest inspiration.”

Even in death, Haggard continued to inspire Gill. Just a few weeks after Haggard passed away, Gill finished writing a new tribute song to him, called “Lost in a World Without Haggard.” He debuted the song at the Grand Ole Opry, and it was just as emotional as you’d expect.

But emotions were running at an all-time high when Gill brought his tribute to the Grand Ole Opry in a special dedicated to “The Hag.”

In the song, Gill sings about where he was when he first heard the news that Haggard had passed away. He then goes on to sing about how he never imagined he’d live in a world where there was no Haggard:

He was my greatest inspiration.

The reason why I sing the blues.

I’m lost in a world without Haggard…It’s a world I thought I would never see.”

Gill couldn’t help but get a bit choked up as he sang, and we can’t blame him. Go ahead and watch Gill sing “Lost in a World Without Haggard” in the clip below. Keep the tissues close, because you’ll need them for this one.

Haggard would be awfully proud of Gill for writing such a beautiful song.

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